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HOPE: Always give hope (Mother Teresa) If you want a little more of my background, here it is. https://doublespeakinthenews.files.wordpress.com/2019/05/rjm-bioc-2019.pdf


Chicken Little made her debut over twenty-five centuries ago.  It first appeared in the Buddhist scriptures as the Daddabha Jataka. Several versions have emerged over the years, and it appears that they vary depending on the audience.  In one version, the fox kills and eats all of the characters – probably not the best version for young children. The following version (my favorite) is an excellent metaphor that highlights the havoc that can be wreaked by one person spreading uninformed, manufactured fear.

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In 1989, when Robert Bardo fired two bullets into Rebecca Schaeffer’s chest – killing her – he also catapulted the word “stalking” into the American consciousness. Before 1989, “stalking” was not a word that was used commonly in America, and when it was used, it didn’t generally cause fear and anxiety. All that changed on July 18, 1989. It was the watershed event that led me to create the Los Angeles Police Department’s Threat Management Unit that same year. The political climate in Los Angeles at the time was the biggest hurdle to overcome. For more details, click on the below link.


We all seek to be happy, or at least comfortable, in our relationships, and we generally accept the fact that sometimes they don’t work out. However, the more we have invested in a relationship, the more we may seek to preserve it—even when there is overwhelming evidence that it has deteriorated to an unhealthy state. Logic may take a back seat to denial and confirmation bias (and any number of other mental manipulations). From a safety point of view (both physical and emotional), the single most effective prevention strategy is to be open to the idea that as a relationship changes, so can your opinion of it and your commitment to it.

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